For Donors

Welcome to Give Big Hawaii – The Aloha Fund, an initiative of HONOLULU Magazine in response to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. Here you can find detailed information about local nonprofit organizations serving the Hawai‘i, and make a gift right away. The Aloha Fund offers you the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the causes you care about at a time they need it most. Your donation is designated as an unrestricted fund, and deposited directly to the organizations within 5-7 business days, affording the organization to utilize those funds to address their most critical needs. More questions about the The Aloha Fund? Head to the FAQ's page.

Through this website, you can find organizations by simply using a name, keyword, location or cause search. Participating agencies have created profiles to share their stories and help supporters like you understand the impact that your gift will have. To start looking for an agency to support, use the available keyword search right in the header at the top of your screen! Not able to find a particular agency? It's possible they aren't participating yet. Be sure to reach out to us at for assistance.